hallelujah i'm alone forever

by future star

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released February 20, 2019


all rights reserved



future star Vancouver, British Columbia



july 29//lunchtime band at girls rock camp victoria

aug 17// w chris cresswell of the flatliners @ fox cabaret

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Track Name: it's hard (to let go of you)
it's hard to let go of you
it feels like
we've been together so long so long
it's hard to let go of you

it's hard to let go of us
it feels natural to hold your hand
hold your hand

don't you know?
we have similar goals

it's hard to understand why
you don't want
to at least pretend to want to be
together forever
Track Name: fill me up
fill me up cause i feel empty
pour me out in the sun to dry
watch me disappear to nothing
watch evaporate into the sky
when it rains you will start to cry

what does it feel like
water in your hair again
what does it feel like
water on your skin

cup your hands to fill with water
wash your face when the sun comes up
it will lose all of its meaning
it will evaporate as time goes by
things will grow other things will die
Track Name: i'm so alone!!!
i'm so alone
nobody's waiting up all night
sitting by the phone
don't tell me i'm wrong cause i know
no one likes you when you're me
i know it's not true but it might be
so nice to be someone else for a day
someone having a good time
someone living the good life

you left me on read
i don't even care i wish i cared
feel like the undead
just want to feel a heart that's beating
want to care that someone's reading
what my thoughts are for the day
silly things i like to say
Track Name: the simplicity
i was scared of everything
shadows on the wall
didn't stop to realize
light was coming from behind me
the shadows were just me after all

i was scared of falling down
trip and break my heart
didn't stop to realize
i was dreaming from the start
only saw the rosy part

i closed my eyes but saw the cliff
walked toward it still
you were right there next to me
hold my hand and i feel sad
tell me this is maybe faith

the enormity
the simplicity

i am glad of everything
every stupid song
every silly word we said
and i won't be sad forever
the sun sets and my shadow grows long

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